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  1. Sean Gabb says:

    Here is an almost full video record of the conference held the weekend before last by the Libertarian Alliance and Libertarian International. One video is missing for technical reasons, but should go up in the next few days.

    Do please blog these videos and generally spread them about. I hope you will agree that the sound quality is excellent, even if my lighting skills leave some room for improvement!

    Also, here is an article published last night by VDare:

    Here it is on my own provision website, which allows comments to be left:

    Whatever we think of Nick Griffin and the BNP, the conduct of the British State is shockingly oppressive. If we won’t stand up for those with whom we may disagree, we have no right to call ourselves libertarians.

    Best wishes,

    Sean Gabb
    Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979)

    Wikipedia Entry:

    Buy these novels by Richard Blake: “Conspiracies of Rome”
    (“Fascinating to read, very well written, an
    intriguing plot” Derek Jacobi); “Terror of Constantinople”
    (“Nasty, fun and educational” The Daily
    Telegraph); “Blood of Alexandria” . “Sword of
    Damascus” will be published in June 2011. Buy them for your own enjoyment.
    Buy them as presents for your friends and loved ones.


    Today in my systems thinking graduate course at the university, I asked students what they thought about the G20 news and what was the biggest news of the meetings? The three Chinese students in my class said their Premier said, “No, We Can’t,” to Pres. Obama–meaning that the Premier was not going to budge on their central bank stopping the manipulation of their yuan. Of course, it did not help Pres. Obama when Fed. Chairman Bernanke decided to play the same game as the Chinese central bank on the day that Pres. Obama brought up the issue. His appeals fell on 19 pairs of deaf ears.

    So, because I saw this as the precursor to a bigger showdown, I assigned my international students the task of keeping track of the news and charting a possible economic scenario:

    Phase 1: China does not buy US bonds.
    Phase 2: Fed is forced to raise interest rates to attract buyers.
    Phase 3: Europe and Japan beat America in the interest rate hike race and capital flees away from the US.
    Phase 4: Dollar plunges
    Phase 5: Worldwide Panic–Markets Crash

    Then, at the end of the semester, we will compare our articles with reality and use Behavior Over Time Graphs and Causal Loop Diagrams to graph and diagram “What Is Seen” against “What Is Not Seen.” Meaning, if my students and I saw it coming, how many in the media or the public did not? And, what kinds of reactions come out as a result of the crisis?

    Now, Phase 1 is already in play and the recent Business Spectator article from Australia, “China Calls America’s Bluff” paints a pretty dismal picture. The article reports that during the period of 2011 through 2012 we will see these events unfold. And, as this Seeking Alpha article, “Are Markets Discounting What Happens If QE II Doesn’t Work?” states, the “What Is Not Seen” is in play. Meaning, the unintended consequences of the FEDs QE II is going to unleash unholy havoc upon the world economy.

    Now you know why we study our Bastiat.

  3. Read this great article by Arthur Laffer at the Show-Me Institute regarding the State of Missouri’s move to abolish its personal income tax and corporate income tax in favor of a static revenue-neutral sales tax. This kind of tax is compatible with the self-actualization ethics purported in my 2003 essay, “American Principles of Self-Government,” in the John Dewey Society’s Education and Culture Journal.

  4. Michael Reber says:

    Hello, everyone.

    Please watch this excellent video, Art Laffer: Dynamic Growth for Missouri. It gets to the heart of why income taxes should be abolished in the US.


  5. Anonymous says:

    certainly like your website.

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