Bastiat Relevant Links

Selected Essays on Political Economy

Thirteen masterpieces of eloquent argumentation, still relevant to the issues of our own day: communism, labor unionism, protectionism, government subsidies for the arts, colonialism, the welfare state, the right to employment, and the unseen consequences of government interference with free exchange. With an introduction by F.A. Hayek.

Economic Harmonies

An inspiring exposition of the natural harmony that results when people are free to pursue their individual interests. Bastiat uncovers a great truth: there is no inherent antagonism between the welfare of one and the welfare of all. In a free-market society all people can live in peace and prosperity.

The Freeman’s Essays on Bastiat

Other Bastiat Publications Available at the FEE Store: Buy Bastiat!

The Broken Window Fallacy

Another Version of the “The Broken Window” Presented by the ATLAS Economic Research Foundation, Featuring Tom Palmer

Mises Interview with Mark Thornton on the Bastiat Collection


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