Hello, Patriots of Liberty and Free Markets!
This blog helps you and your friends empower yourselves by sharing your ideas, comments, and stories on liberty and free markets with other Bastiat bloggers via Bastiat’s essays on political economy as featured in the free market economics activity book, What Is Seen and What Is NOT Seen: Fun Systems Thinking Activities with Frédéric Bastiat.
Unlike other economics books, this activity book applies the systems thinking tools of behavior over time (BOT) graphs and causal loop diagrams (CLDs) so you learn more easily the free market ideas of Bastiat and gain the necessary tools to articulate free market dynamics.

Things you can do with the book:

1. Start a Bastiat Party.

2. Reserve a Bastiat Workshop.

3. Share your stories on liberty and free markets with other Bastiat Revival Bloggers on the My Bastiat Stories page.

4. Be active. Get involved with movements that defend liberty and free markets.

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