The Importance of Economic Freedom

Dear Bastiat Bloggers,

It has been some months since I have posted anything on this blog as I have been engaged with other activities. Therefore, I greatly apologize for my long absence.

While I have been involved with the project of furthering economic freedom through my capitalistic activities, I have been awestruck once again about the importance of economic freedom. It is in this post that I wish to state two points: 1) Economic freedom propels humanity toward a greater universal consciousness and 2) Economic freedom allows each and every member of society to become his or her true self.

Economic freedom propels humanity toward a greater universal consciousness because in the activity of free trade individuals take control of their own minds, focus those minds toward desired tangible purposes, and through the complimentarity and congeniality of personal excellences form what Napoleon Hill calls, Master Minds, to create and actualize plans towards those intended purposes. First and foremost, freedom of thought is of utmost importance in a society of free economy. Without the freedom of thought society cannot prosper. Second, human beings are not Amoebas–We are unique in that we not only have the power to control our own thoughts, but also to organize and direct that power toward desired tangible outcomes. The mind manifests reality. Each and every one of us has the gift of the mind, and through it can create great and wonderful things. In a society of free economy, human beings can and do come closer to a greater universal consciousness. A consciousness that propels us beyond the limits of our current imaginations. Finally, the focusing of desired tangible purposes does not happen in isolation. One cannot succeed in a society of free economy without aligning his or her purposes with persons in acts of complimentarity and congeniality of personal excellences. Acts which form a Master Mind, a group of individuals with aligned purposes, minds, and thought to attain an ultimate desired tangible outcome.

Economic freedom allows each and every member of society to become his or her true self because only in a free society of economy can each and every person actualize his or her potential worth. As stated in my paper, Distributive Justice and Free Market Economics: A Eudaimonistic Perspective (p. 5):

Distributive justice is the allocation of goods and utilities via the voluntary ubiquitous human interaction of self-actualizing individuals who not only recognize the human dignity of the self and other and the rights which flow from and guarantee it, but also actively will goods and utilities toward the self and other so as to manifest human dignity.

Therefore, in a free economic society, the “correct” meaning of distributive justice is actualized and this in turn allows humanity to move closer to universal consciousness.

In conclusion, I would like to think that in this coming year people around the world will reflect upon the economic misery of this last year so as to propel their lives forward and not backward. It appears that many of our political leaders have forgotten why the United States is the nation that it is (for more on this refer to my essay, What It Means To Be An American). If one looks back upon its creation, specifically the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, then one will come to understand better the two aspects of economic freedom upon which I have expounded, and why they are essential in coming closer to universal consciousness.

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